Current Technologies manufactures products for hospitals, for clinical, reference, research, biotech, and pharma laboratories, for healthcare manufacturing, for veterinarians and for industrial settings. All of our products limit the spread of germs which benefits all our customers:

  • Our hospital customers benefit with reduced Hospital-Acquired Infections, and employees are protected from pathogens.
  • Clinical and reference labs benefit with better inspection outcomes and fewer deficiences.
  • Molecular testing in biotech, research and pharma labs is not compromised with external contaminants as our hospital-grade disinfectants kill microorganisms fast and effectively.
  • Healthcare manufacturing and industrial settings (wastewater treatment, etc.) rely on our products for disinfection and protection of employees.

Our customers include virtually all hospitals, clincial and reference labs, pharma, research, biotech, water, food quality control labs and healthcare production facilities in the U.S. We also have significant international customers. We are based in Crawfordsville, Indiana, USA (about 30 miles northwest of Indianapolis) on a 15 acre site that we own. Current Technologies is a certified small, woman-owned business.

We understand that some of the most critical issues facing our customers is reducing Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs) and reducing the cost of healthcare. As a manufacturer of healthcare and laboratory products, we are focused on keeping our costs (and thus our prices) down. We make our products onsite at our Crawfordsville location. Our prices are almost always lower than our competitors because we don’t outsource production steps (such as bottling and making towelettes) and thus we eliminate the expense of middlemen.

These are some of the reasons we have been in business since 1994 and have won numerous awards from our distributor partners for operational excellence, marketing programs and sales growth. At Current Technologies our mantra is ‘work hard, make great products, have fun; no politics or drama allowed’ – which is why most of our employees have been here for many years.

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